I don't care

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I don't care.

It doesn't matter to me. Mary: Can I take these papers away? Tom: I don't care. Do what you want. Bill: Should this room be white or yellow? Sally: I don't care.
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I don't care what anybody says, I'm done with the farm
Lives in Illinois, I reckon; but I don't care where she lives, I'm going to get her--she can make herself sure of that.
Really I don't care about that, I don't care at all," said Prince Andrew, beginning to understand that his news of the battle before Krems was really of small importance in view of such events as the fall of Austria's capital.
To which Sancho replied, "Ever since I have sniffed the governorship I have got rid of the humours of a squire, and I don't care a wild fig for all the duennas in the world.
I don't care a bit for him, and he likes Trix; only they have quarrelled, and he wants to make her mad by flirting a little with me.
It's uncommonly fortunate I met you, though; for I don't care about seeing my stepson: he's not affectionate, and his poor mother's gone now.
was her mental inquiry: 'He has no right to any power over me, and how do I come to mind him when I don't care for him?
I do just exactly as I do in Bangor, and I find I do perfectly right; and at any rate, I don't care if I don't.
He looked me all over, as if he had been going to buy me; and then straightening himself up with a grunt, he said, "He's the right sort for you, Jerry; I don't care what you gave for him, he'll be worth it.
Huntingdon, who is quite willing to be her partner in the game; but I don't care for it, because, with him, I know there is nothing but personal vanity, and a mischievous desire to excite my jealousy, and, perhaps, to torment his friend; and she, no doubt, is actuated by much the same motives; only, there is more of malice and less of playfulness in her manoeuvres.
Perhaps, as Molly says, it may be in the kitchen; and truly I don't care my daughter should be a scullion wench; for, poor as I am, I am a gentlewoman.
I don't care what Foinet says to me, I know I'm a real artist.
I will kill myself; I don't care about anything or anybody.