I don't believe it!

I don't believe it

An expression of surprise or incredulity, possibly bordering on vexation. I don't believe it—I have the winning lottery ticket! So you came crawling back to us after all. I don't believe it.
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I don't believe it!

an expression of amazement and disbelief. Bob: Tom was just elected president of the trade association! Mary: I don't believe it! Bob: They're going to build a Disney World in Moscow. Sally: I don't believe it!
See also: believe
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I don’t beˈlieve it!

(spoken) used to say that you are surprised or annoyed about something: I don’t believe it! What are you doing here?
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I DON'T believe it! one minute I'm the light of my mother Katie's life - her "ugly little alien" - and the next she's replacing me with EIGHT new pets!
It also features a photo of Victor Meldrew actor Richard Wilson - who was unaware the image was being used - with the character's catch phrase: "I don't believe it!" And you can't believe the firm's claims about the alleged investors featured on the slideshow.
Richard, 68 - famed for Victor's exasperated catchphrase 'I don't believe it!' - can be seen sitting for three artists in Star Portraits With Rolf Harris on BBC1 tonight.
Maurice was, how do you say, gob-smacked: "I don't believe it! I don't believe it!" and I was tickled ...
I don't believe it! How could boring old England trundle their way to the final?