I couldn't care less

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couldn't care less

(One) does not care about something at all. Fine, I couldn't care less what you do! Good riddance! You're going out with my ex-boyfriend? Great—couldn't care less.
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I could(n’t) care less

sent. I don’t care!; I don’t care to the maximum amount, and it is, therefore, impossible to care any less. (The affirmative version does not make sense, but is widely used, nonetheless.) So you’re late. I couldn’t care less.
See also: care, less
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I couldn't care less that an Asti Spumante-drinking cigarello-smoker with eight children and a caravan will be pounds 3.42 per week worse off.
"Having been born and bred in England, a phrase I commonly use is 'I couldn't care less', despite having been told frequently by my grandmother that one should always care to some extent.
In his "Foundation" series, science-fiction writer Isaac Asimov coined the phrase "I don't give an electron" to mean "I couldn't care less." Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Boulder, Colo., however, care about every electron in their pursuit of accurate electrical measurements.
snapped: "I couldn't care less" as the ghost of Mercedes' Monte Carlo debacle followed him here to Montreal.
She said : "I couldn't care less. I will be more happy in a political role than a knife and fork job."
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