I'm off

I'm off.

an expression said by someone who is just leaving. Bob: Time to go. I'm off. Mary: Bye. Sue: Well, it's been a great party. Good-bye. Got to go. Mary: I'm off too. Bye.
See also: off
References in classic literature ?
I then open the panel of the bridge, carefully shut till then; I mast it, hoist my sail, take my oars, and I'm off.
I'm off to seek it for you, and that itself will show you if I speak at random.
However, I'm off now once for all: I like your cow now a great deal better than this smart beast that played me this trick, and has spoiled my best coat, you see, in this puddle; which, by the by, smells not very like a nosegay.
I'll give her the ten minutes and then I'm off," he muttered, and then aloud to the Prince: "I'll join you in confounding all clocks, my friend, and throw in women, too.
If you won't let me go in for the army - I could pass my exams to-morrow - I'm off.
I'm come to receive your congratulations and bid you good-by; and then I'm off for Paris, Rome, Naples, Switzerland, London--oh, dear
When I'm off the lock for good and all, you'll be the Father of the Marshalsea.
Least ways, I've no time now, for I'm off to Laceham.
I'm off at eleven, Bunny; it's the only thing to be done.
I think my pigs will be best for me, So I'm off to the styes afresh.
There's the ordering and the dogs and the garden, and the children coming to be taught," her voice proceeded rhythmically as if checking the list, "and my tennis, and the village, and letters to write for father, and a thousand little things that don't sound much; but I never have a moment to myself, and when I got to bed, I'm so sleepy I'm off before my head touches the pillow.
I'm off to the secretary; he wants to read the obituary.
So I'm off for a celebratory glass of wine and one of those cheery chocolate ice creams.
Take a leaf from the book of Simon Cowell, He calls a spade a shovel, not a trowel, Whenever you're unsure of who you are, You can make a start by calling an owl An owl and not a fowl of Balthazar, Things are meant for the purpose they are made, A star's supposed to twinkle from afar, I'm off to dig the garden with my spade, Not my vacuum cleaner, brush or guitar.
I was right my days are up still even settees have to die, but I've had a decent life so I'm off to the great sofa in the sky