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It's too late now, an' I don't feel to say you've ben all in the wrong; but if 't was to do over again, I'd say, well, your aunt Mirandy gives you clothes and board and schoolin' and is goin' to send you to Wareham at a big expense.
and I'd say, 'Well, I got some very nice C'nadian apples, 'or p'raps I got custed marrers.
He calls 'em vain oaths, and pounds me; but ef I could say what you said 'baout your pap an' his fixin's, I'd say that 'baout your dollars.
I'm not saying anything or muttering anything," said Sancho; "I was only saying to myself that I wish I had heard what your worship has said just now before I married; perhaps I'd say now, 'The ox that's loose licks himself well.
I let him come to tea because he bothered so, but I knew I'd say no.
I'D I'D say your intuition is say your intuition is probably bang on.
And I'd say it's one of the reasons he's sticking it out too.
I'd say spend it on a new park around the West Denton, Westerhope, Chapel House area that is suitable for all ages.
If you said is he going to be the sixth St Leger winner for Godolphin, I'd say the jury's out.
Speaking about X-Factor recently, she said: 'I'm realistic, if Simon had called to say I was sacked, I'd say.
I'd say, 'You can't say that' and he'd reply, 'Why?
I'd say the whole lot of them are on probation so far as Kate is concerned.
Going forward I'd say Geovanni, and at the back it has to be Michael Turner, he's been England material.
He is due to work in the morning, but I'd say he is a doubtful starter at the minute.
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