I'm not kidding

I'm not kidding

I'm being completely serious right now. A: "What? No way!" B: "Yes, I'm not kidding: Brad actually got the lead in the school play."
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I'm not kidding.

I am telling the truth.; I am not trying to fool you. Mary: Those guys are all suspects in the robbery. Sue: No! They can't be! Mary: I'm not kidding! John (gesturing): The fish I caught was this big! Jane: I don't believe it! John: I'm not kidding!
See also: kid, not
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I’m not kidding

sent. I am telling the truth. Get over here now! I’m not kidding.
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"Well, I'm not kidding, he hit this scrummaging machine and straight away I was just 'Oh my God' what have we got here.
OK, maybe my husband comes first, but I'm not kidding about my love affair with our budget.
"I'm not kidding. Raymond knew when he played my dad he had to be on top of his game.
I'm not kidding: I'm the only one who wakes up at midnight to get a slice of that, a bowl of that, and a bite of this.
I'M NOT KIDDING Mason Crane could make his Ashes debut aged 20 - and he's more than ready for it
"What's tiring is being in the Spanx and the tight dresses - and I'm not kidding. You can't breathe, and the dresses are so tight.
If you don't mind the zumba dancing cleaner (I'm not kidding, if she told to me to "shake what me mammy gave me" once, she told me a million times.
RDJ: I'm not kidding. I'm having 50 kids over and I'm screening "Captain America 2" on my birthday, which happens to be the day it opens.
"Any striker at any level can have a good season and then not the next, so I'm not kidding myself that I am an established Conference striker and have still got to prove myself."
The "Neckerchew" (I'm not kidding) promises to offer an absorbent home for dribbles, while also boasting chewable qualities for those times when your toothypegs just won't let up.
I'm not kidding. Amazingly, it seems they're not just at the royals' beck and call and can be hired for any event that needs a flypast to get the party started or the drunks to go home.
I'm noT kIddIng Carlos Tevez is keen to leave Manchester City and be reunited with his wife and children
I'm talking green, infectious, disgusting - I'm not kidding!''
But I'm not kidding myself--I know that the members do the real work of ASABE.
And I'm not kidding - I'm really not - but I've just had a quick look at my latest emails and there's another one there, docked in the last 10 minutes, and it starts: "Hello Richard, I hope you're well."