I'll bite

I'll bite

slang OK, I'll engage with you on this topic. A: "I think I've figured out why Andrew is being such a jerk." B: "Are you not going to tell us any more? Fine, I'll bite—why is Andrew being such a jerk?" I'll bite—what's the big surprise?
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I'll bite.

Inf. Okay, I will answer your question.; Okay, I will listen to your joke or play your little guessing game. Bob: Guess what is in this box? Bill: I'll bite. Bob: A new toaster! John: Didyou hear the joke about the used car salesman? Jane: No, I'll bite.
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I’ll bite

sent. You want me to ask what or why, so, what or why? I’ll bite. Why did the chicken cross the road?
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References in classic literature ?
If you stir - if you so much as wink - for four whole minutes, I'll bite you!"
'If ever you listen to these beldames again, I'll bite you.'
Daniel Mason Ward, 26, of Norton Hill, Windmill Hill, Runcorn, growled 'I'll bite you' as he tussled with PC Chris Birchall and bit his arm.
With the officer in agony, they fell to the ground where Ward kicked out, bit the officer's arm several times and said "Get the f*** off me, I'll bite you".
In the 1975 hit film, the character has all four of his limbs chopped off in a duel but continues fighting, insisting it's a "flesh wound" and "I'll bite your legs off!".
"Our third period was a little cruise control, but I guess I'll bite my tongue at this time of the season.
Darren HOW THE FANS REACTED @jastle68: I think the most common opinion before this season amongst folk on here was "I'll bite your hand of for 6th".
"He also lunged at the female officer in the back and tried to headbutt her before shouting, 'I'll bite your nose off.'.
CHARLES Bronson has been cleared of attacking a prison governor and screaming: "I'll bite your f***g nose off."
Prosecutors said Bronson put prison governor Mark Docherty on the floor, got on top of him and shouted "I'll bite your f***ing nose off".
I'll bite on Hank Will's invitation to share our work in "Common Ground" (April/May 2018).
Come back here, I'll bite your legs off, when the lot were gone.
A pit bull walks into a bar and the bartender says, "What'll it be?" The pit bull says "A large bowl of water and make it fast or I'll bite your face off!"
First mosquito: "I'll bite, but I'll bet it's better than trees.''
Could it be you feel less likely to give off love and peace and more likely to give off a faint whiff of back off or I'll bite? Love is frustrated, but it's still love.