I, you, etc. for one

for one

As one example or reason (out of several potential ones). Often used after a name or personal pronoun to count someone or oneself as an example of something. Why don't I like musicals? Well, for one, I just can't take a story seriously when it's set to music. I can tell you that I for one am really happy about the changes to the tax law they've introduced. A: "Who is coming to the movie later?" B: "Mary, for one, but I haven't heard back from anyone else."
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I, you, etc. for ˈone

used to emphasize that a particular person does something and that you believe other people do too: It’s getting late and I, for one, must be going.‘Who says stamp collecting is strange?’ ‘Well, Jack, for one, and I’m pretty sure Jane does too.’
See also: for, one
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