I'm off

I'm off.

an expression said by someone who is just leaving. Bob: Time to go. I'm off. Mary: Bye. Sue: Well, it's been a great party. Good-bye. Got to go. Mary: I'm off too. Bye.
See also: off
References in classic literature ?
Well, I'll spend a month or two with you, and then I'm off to Moscow.
I then open the panel of the bridge, carefully shut till then; I mast it, hoist my sail, take my oars, and I'm off.
I'm off to seek it for you, and that itself will show you if I speak at random.
However, I'm off now once for all: I like your cow now a great deal better than this smart beast that played me this trick, and has spoiled my best coat, you see, in this puddle; which, by the by, smells not very like a nosegay.
I'll give her the ten minutes and then I'm off," he muttered, and then aloud to the Prince: "I'll join you in confounding all clocks, my friend, and throw in women, too.
If you won't let me go in for the army - I could pass my exams to-morrow - I'm off.
I'm come to receive your congratulations and bid you good-by; and then I'm off for Paris, Rome, Naples, Switzerland, London--oh, dear
had you I'm off Paul O'Grady APART FROM " Speaking about life as a newlywed, Paul added: "It's the same as before.
Forget stomach vacuuming and Alien Yoga - I'm off to hoover up a few packets of Monster Munch.
Take a leaf from the book Of Simon Cowell, He calls a spade a shovel Not a trowel, Whenever you're unsure of Who you are, You can make a start by Calling an owl An owl and not a fowl of Balthazar, Things are meant for the Purpose they are made, A star is meant to twinkle From afar, I'm off to dig the garden With my spade, Not my vacuum cleaner Brush or guitar.
When I'm off duty I love going make-up free whilst rocking a hoodie and baseball cap and this label is designed for you to look good while dressing down.
I was right my days are up still even settees have to die, but I've had a decent life so I'm off to the great sofa in the sky
Friends and I walked from Craster to Dunstanburgh last Sunday in glorious October sunshine and, weather permitting, I'm off with a friend to Cragside tomorrow to walk in the amazing grounds.
Well I'm off see you later, Their eyes all beaming with pleasure, What a hectic life, these men have got, And all because they play, pot black
I'm off for a makeover Lisa Maxwell Today I'm going to poach an egg for the first time.