I'm not surprised

I'm not surprised.

 and I don't wonder.
It is not surprising.; It should not surprise anyone. Mary: All this talk about war has my cousin very worried. Sue: No doubt. At his age, I don't wonder. John: All of the better-looking ones sold out right away. Jane: I'm not surprised.
See also: not, surprise
References in classic literature ?
I'm not surprised at that, though," he added, consulting the thermometer; "one hundred and forty degrees
I knew you would come," he continued; "I knew I should wake up and find you here; so I'm not surprised.
To be honest, with all the shocking news that we receive here and around the world on a daily basis, I'm not surprised that Congress approved a proposal to reinstate the death penalty.
I'm not surprised so many viewers were in tears when her trusty shoes were placed atop that coffin.
I'M not surprised Liam Gallagher fought tooth and nail to hide the fact he has fathered a secret love child with US journalist Liza Ghorbani.
I'M not surprised that the Olympic football tournament taking place at St James' Park has been such a massive success.
50 a pint - Jon Loughran, 28, an IT technician, of Middlesbrough I don't drink much but I'm not surprised that it's cheaper here.
Valleys LINDA SAYS: I'm not surprised you're feeling well rid of your ex.
I'm not surprised by that stat, as he is a big horse and might struggle to cope with the tight nature of the track.
Odom said: ``I played bad the whole game, so I'm not surprised by it at all.
I'm not surprised," he said, "Fewer people are looking to buy.
I'm not surprised you have lingering feelings for your ex, especially since you now have to hear about him from your friend.
I'm not surprised that non-hunters not only do not support hunting but actively militate against it when hunters mad editors of gun magazines do not appreciate how disgraceful such a picture is as the one on page 53 of the October 2004 issue.
The SEC is gathering information, and I'm not surprised," he said.
I'm not surprised that the Australians have dropped all that knight and peer stuff.