I'm not surprised

I'm not surprised.

 and I don't wonder.
It is not surprising.; It should not surprise anyone. Mary: All this talk about war has my cousin very worried. Sue: No doubt. At his age, I don't wonder. John: All of the better-looking ones sold out right away. Jane: I'm not surprised.
See also: not, surprise
References in classic literature ?
I'm not surprised at that, though," he added, consulting the thermometer; "one hundred and forty degrees
I knew you would come," he continued; "I knew I should wake up and find you here; so I'm not surprised.
I'M NOT surprised to read that, as a nation, we have lost our patriotic nature (Daily Mirror, December 18).
As a teacher, I'm not surprised that there is a shortage.
I'M not surprised so few people signed up to join the police.
It's desperation spreading among industry observers who were expecting the long awaited but, yet to materialize, 2H'02 recovery," said David Crume, AFI's director of marketing and sales, adding that "considering the fact that we were presented with projections of IC growth in 2002, which were between 14% and 20%, I'm not surprised that some analysts are now reducing their projections for 2003 by more than 50%.
So, I'm not surprised by what Roy Disney is saying right now,'' said Gigi Johnson, a shareholder and executive director of the Entertainment and Media Management Institute at University of California, Los Angeles.
I'm not surprised that it is also an environmental leader," said Sue Steigerwalt, RTRM, clinical coordinator of breast health services at the hospital.
On that basis I'm not surprised a national opinion poll has voted the model Britain's most loathed person.
Bob is a man of wide and divergent interests, and I'm not surprised after a successful run here that he would want to spend more time pursuing some of these interests.
I'M not surprised to learn that Peugeot's plucky 207 was Europe's best-seller in April.
With the consolidation that has occurred in the industry in the last five years, I'm not surprised that our modern, high-speed facilities are receiving so much buyer attention " said Frank D'Angelo, Company President.
He's proven it at every level, and I'm not surprised he's doing it now.
I'M not surprised there is such a huge amount of teenage crime - and an additional "hidden" 1.
He seems like he would be a person that would climb mountains; I'm not surprised.