I'm not kidding

I'm not kidding.

I am telling the truth.; I am not trying to fool you. Mary: Those guys are all suspects in the robbery. Sue: No! They can't be! Mary: I'm not kidding! John (gesturing): The fish I caught was this big! Jane: I don't believe it! John: I'm not kidding!
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I'M NOT KIDDING Mason Crane could make his Ashes debut aged 20 - and he's more than ready for it
Known for his sense of humour and playing pranks on co-stars, he said he is working on a prank that "I can't tell you about but in a year you are going to hear I've been arrested - I'm not kidding because I think I've crossed the line.
What's tiring is being in the Spanx and the tight dresses - and I'm not kidding.
Any striker at any level can have a good season and then not the next, so I'm not kidding myself that I am an established Conference striker and have still got to prove myself.
I'm noT kIddIng Carlos Tevez is keen to leave Manchester City and be reunited with his wife and children
But I'm not kidding myself--I know that the members do the real work of ASABE.
And I'm not kidding - I'm really not - but I've just had a quick look at my latest emails and there's another one there, docked in the last 10 minutes, and it starts: "Hello Richard, I hope you're well.
I'm not kidding myself, I'm a million miles away from managing Liverpool.
I'm not kidding myself in that I'm making any excuses as to why I've not set the world alight.
It's strict adherence to a particular interpretation of seventh century Islamic law as practiced by the prophet Mohammed, and when I say 'strict adherence', I'm not kidding around.
I hope I'm not kidding myself in believing I did it better this time.
But they build you up" Singer Rita Ora, above "What's tiring is being in the Spanx and the tight dresses - and I'm not kidding.
Done country-by-country, this 1,216 page book weighs about 15 pounds, and I'm not kidding.
I'm not kidding, they'd gotten rid of any evidence of their knee caps.
I'm not kidding, she looks 20 years younger - unbelievable.