I'm not bothered

not bothered

1. Uninterested, unmotivated, or disinclined. Primarily heard in UK. It's clear that members of government aren't bothered to put protection in place for workers stuck in a cycle of short-term contracts. If you're not bothered to do the work properly, then you can find a job elsewhere.
2. Impartial; having no preference one way or another. Primarily heard in UK. We could have pizza for dinner, but I'm not bothered if you want something else.
See also: bother, not

I’m not ˈbothered

(informal, especially British English) I don’t mind: ‘What shall we have for supper tonight?’ ‘I’m not bothered.’
See also: bother, not
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McCarthy said yesterday: "If it ends in a scrappy 1-0 win, off somebody's backside, I'm not bothered because I'll take the win.
"I'm not bothered about the abuse myself, but it's my kids who get affected.
My preparation has been spot-on and as I've said before I'm not bothered about going to Liverpool.
She adds bitterly: "He's a coward who could end up killing himself in prison and I'm not bothered one way or another.
"I'm not bothered about you burning down our yard , I'm not bothered about us losing a enormous amount of money, that's all trivial.
I'm not bothered either way but I will say with everything going on around the world right now - stabbings, shootings and terrorism - it's a welcome break to have something joyful and nice on TV and the news for a change.
She then replied 'Actually bata palang ako medyo banlag na po ako naoobvious lang siya now pag puyat ako or may sakit but to be honest I'm not bothered because it doesn't impair my vision.
"I am not bothered where we are in the league, I'm not bothered about how many points we've got and I'm not bothered about how many games there are to go.
"I'm not bothered about them, I'm not bothered one single bit, I'm just bothered about what we do," said McCormack.
"I'm not bothered about them, I'm not bothered one single bit, I'm just bothered about what we do," McCormack said at the team's training base at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston.
Ando laughed: "I'm not bothered at what Tai called his fish.
"I'm sure Barnsley were confident but I'm not bothered about them, I'm just concerned about us and the fact that we didn't reach the standards we expect.
But he is "over-tired" after taking the Welsh title and said: "I'm not bothered about Sheffield.
Sameh Strauch I'm Welsh and I'm not bothered one way or another that Tom is no longer on the show.