I'm not bothered

not bothered

1. Uninterested, unmotivated, or disinclined. Primarily heard in UK. It's clear that members of government aren't bothered to put protection in place for workers stuck in a cycle of short-term contracts. If you're not bothered to do the work properly, then you can find a job elsewhere.
2. Impartial; having no preference one way or another. Primarily heard in UK. We could have pizza for dinner, but I'm not bothered if you want something else.
See also: bother, not

I’m not ˈbothered

(informal, especially British English) I don’t mind: ‘What shall we have for supper tonight?’ ‘I’m not bothered.’
See also: bother, not
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No Difference to Me I COULDN'T care less What colour's your skin I'm completely non-plussed If you're a her or a him I'm not bothered the slightest Your god or your faith I won't lose sleep If you're reckless or safe I won't bat an eyelid If you're straight, bi or gay I'm not going to worry If you're rich or can't pay I won't panic From the clothes that you wear My heartbeat won't hasten I simply don't care What bothers me most And fills me with fury Are bigots who think They're judge and jury Their ignorance shows A weakness to me To let you decide Whatever you'll be by John Bostock, via email
I am not bothered where we are in the league, I'm not bothered about how many points we've got and I'm not bothered about how many games there are to go.
I'm not bothered about them, I'm not bothered one single bit, I'm just bothered about what we do," said McCormack.
I'm not bothered about them, I'm not bothered one single bit, I'm just bothered about what we do," McCormack said at the team's training base at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston.
I'm sure Barnsley were confident but I'm not bothered about them, I'm just concerned about us and the fact that we didn't reach the standards we expect.
Sameh Strauch I'm Welsh and I'm not bothered one way or another that Tom is no longer on the show.
I'm just glad that I'm here now and I'm not bothered how many were in front of me or what the betting was.
Young people see her as a good role model - Sinead Campbell, 21, a student living in Middlesbrough I'm not bothered one way or another but I would say that one of the richest institutions in the world should support themselves - David Barry, 54, retired civil servant, Middlesbrough I'm fully in support but when the Queen dies I think William should become King because Camilla shouldn't be Queen - John List, 79, a retired painter and decorator from Middlesbrough The younger members of the Royal Family have a good connection with young people.
To be honest I'm not bothered or sorry about the fact that I burgled your house.
Asked whether he is committed through to 2015, he replied: "Yes, it would be disrespectful to Cook and the England team just to be taking up somebody's place for the next year or just for this tour and then deciding in November I'm not bothered.
I'm not bothered about El Clasico - for the purists it's all about El Mediocrito.
Maybe if it was something on a bigger scale, like the Olympics, but at the moment I'm not bothered.
Phillip Williams, 46, Risca: 'I support Wales in the football, so I'll watch the matches, but I'm not bothered who wins either way.
With my sporting background I'm not bothered about getting down and dirty.