I'm listening

I'm listening.

 and I'm all ears.
Inf. You have my attention, so you should talk. Bob: Look, old pal. I want to talk to you about something. Tom: I'm listening. Bill: I guess I owe you an apology. Jane: I'm all ears.
See also: listen
References in classic literature ?
Well, I'm listening to what's to come," she said, calmly and ironically; "and indeed I listened with interest, for I should like to understand what's the matter.
I'm listening, and listening--I can't think o' nothing but that.
The author will also be signing his other two books: God, I'm Listening and Goliath vs.
That's why I've decided to be Welsh but just for a few weeks, I'm listening to Tom Jones records while eating loads of leeks.
If I'm listening to the medical reports it's not very good but as we're in a situation where I need as many players as I can have, maybe I will push a little bit more.
I composed the score for Oscar Micheaux's silent film, Within Our Gates, so I'm listening to that as we prepare it for the Savannah Music Festival and a CD.
especially because, right now, I'm listening to a young man on a
In truth, I'm listening to her two main hits Elastic Heart and Chandelier over and over again.
Line by line, I'm listening to a precise authenticity of a voice so that the audience can't sit back and judge it.
Often when I'm listening to music, the necessity of checking time frustrates me, simply because when I'm listening to music, it's too much of a distraction for me to lift my wrist just because I need to know the time.
Now I'm listening to these people who have spent half their life in Europe or America or Australia and are now coming back.
He said, 'As I'm listening to the entrepreneurs, I'm thinking, 'Gosh, could I do that?
I tape a lot of my interviews and I go back and I'm listening to it and I'm just, like, "Would you just shut up?