I'm only looking

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I'm only looking.

 and I'm just looking.
I am not a buyer, I am only examining your merchandise. (A phrase said to a shopkeeper or clerk who asks May I help you?) Clerk: May I help you? Mary: No, thanks. I'm only looking. Clerk: May I help you? Jane: I'm just looking, thank you.
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She claims, "I don't have any particular idea for a theme at this point, I'm just looking.
No Thanks, I'm Just Looking gives anyone the inside scoop on how to skyrocket their selling career with a system of easy-to-learn practical money-making steps.
I'm just looking forward to getting some more time behind the plate.
I'm just looking forward to playing,'' the two-time Cup winner said.
I'm (temporarily) living in Ventura with my mother, so I'm just looking for something to do,'' said Fouhse, who ran two weeks ago in the Honolulu Marathon.
Lately, we've decided to start playing like we should have been playing all season, so I'm just looking at this as just another game.