I'm cool

I'm cool.

Inf. I'm fine. Bob: How you been? Fred: I'm cool, man. Yourself? Bob: The same. Father: How are you, son? Bill: I'm cool, Dad. Father (joking): So should I turn up the heat?
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References in classic literature ?
"Well, I care nought about it--it will make little difference to me what you do or where you go; but I'm cool now--I want to dance again; and I see such a fine girl sitting in the corner of the sofa there by her mamma; see if I don't get her for a partner in a jiffy!
'I feel bad, but I'm cool with it,' the Filipino filmmaker and director said.
"I'm cool with Pep, I think he's a top manager," Hart said.
"I'm cool right now, but I'm sure I'll get more nervous when I get there."
'But I do understand there's going to be comparisons made and I'm cool with that.'
"I'm cool with it and looking forward to the next campaign.
If you're cool with that, then I'm cool with your stuff," Disick <a 560="" href="http://">said.
"I'm cool with it."Four other Hornets players scored in double-digits, led by Batum's 31 points and Dwight Howard's 12 points and 11 rebounds.
My friends wanted me to enter it like, "You could win it!" I was like, "Dude, I'm cool." We were kinda stuck up.
Alys, I'm cool with whatever you wanna think, like, but so long as you're cool with me, you know, probably not believing it.' She's still smiling.
Mandi Pinkney "I'm cool with these kind of clubs, they are part of a modern City.
I don't wear short shorts, but I'm cool with anyone who does.
MATCH: and Warren c kid som h Yo Y I'm not sure I'm cool! I'm just trying to make them happy, solid, confident people.
COUNTRYSIDE: My father-in-law often exclaims: "Well, I used to be crazy, but now I'm cool!" He's referring to the growing seed-saving movement and nation-wide interest in heirloom vegetables.
I'm cool because I play loud music in my car and you're a dork.