I'm busy

I'm busy.

Do not bother me now.; I cannot attend to your needs now. Bob: Can I talk to you? Bill: I'm busy. Bob: It's important. Bill: Sorry, I'm busy! Fred: Can you help me with this? Bill: I'm busy. Can it wait a minute? Fred: Sure. No rush.
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References in classic literature ?
I'm busy looking after the land," answered Konstantin, watching with horror the greediness with which his brother ate and drank, and trying to conceal that he noticed it.
I'm busy with Hump, and you'll do the best you can without him."
"Much obliged, but I'm busy." And Meg whisked out her workbasket, for she had agreed with her mother that it was best, for her at least, not to drive too often with the young gentleman.
Send him to the devil, I'm busy!" he shouted to Lavrushka, who went up to him not in the least abashed.
The answer to that was easy: 'Tell him I'm busy.' Master Bean's admirably dignified reply was that he understood how great was the pressure of Mr Ferguson's work, and that he would wait till he was at liberty.
'I'm busy just now,' I replied, scarce knowing what to answer.
I'll tell you all about it another time, but now I'm busy. There was a time when I fancied .
--"And, Rachel, if any one wants me, I'm busy till one," said her father, enforcing his words as he often did, when he spoke to his daughter, by a smart blow upon the shoulder.
"One minute, I'm busy. Well, Crane, who's been driving it, do you suppose?"
When you think I'm busy, and don't see you, you look so anxious and so doubtful, that I hardly like to raise my eyes.
When a busy mother asks her teenager to clean her room, the daughter replies in an irritated voice, "Can't you see I'm busy?" The mother retorts, "You are busy.
I'm busy for a couple of days now and I'll pick it up on Thursday and we'll see if we can progress it."
I'm busy for a couple of days now but I'll pick it up on Thursday and I'll see if we can progress it."
My job has been my saviour - I have a good career and I'm busy all the time, so it's a great distraction - but my social life is non-existent.
"I'm busy working on other material at the moment, so you never know where this might take me."