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With a bar serving chilled drinks and DJs playing cool Balearic beats, if there is a better place to watch a sunset, I'm all ears.
Ghost Face also comes with( three perks : 'I'm All Ears,' 'Thrilling Tremors,' and 'Furtive Chase.' I'm All Ears allows the killer to see a survivor's aura temporarily, even when they're outside his terror zone, as long as they've done a rushed action.
But if anyone has any other suggestions, I'm all ears.
CHVRCHES will be supported by Let's Eat Grandma, a pop duo formed in 2013 who received critical acclaim last year with their second album I'm All Ears.
And if you have any advice to share on this front too, I'm all ears.
WHEN it comes to music, and as long as it boasts a catchy melody, agreeable harmony and a certain rhythm of the soul, I declare a catholic appreciation of the sound of music: pop, rock, jazz, country and western, classical, choral, religious, you name it - if it tickles my H-Spot, my Hallelujah-Spot, I'm all ears.
Anyway, if you've any suggestions of how to make new friends, I'm all ears.
In the gold section of the competition for experienced photographers, up and coming equestrian photographer Yvette Robertshaw took first with I'm All Ears.
If someone could show me the scientific proof that leaving a cold climate to sample a warm one prepares you for a bitter night at the Stadium of Light then, honestly, I'm all ears. Surely a player would be more likely to pick up a chill.
"I'm all ears because my nose wouldn't be working well, as you can see," he joked.
If you know of someone who would make a worthy subject, I'm all ears. Email me at
I don't think there's any other option, if there is I'm all ears and willing to listen.
If any Republican has a better idea, I'm all ears, but it's been over four years since the bill became law and I have yet to hear an alternate strategy from anyone in the GOP.