I/I'll tell you what

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tell you what

A phrase indicating that the speaker is going to present a suggestion or their opinion on something. I tell you what, this burger might be the best I've ever hard. Tell you what, why don't you go out for a run and I'll watch the kids for a while. I'll tell you what, that was some concert.
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I/I’ll ˌtell you ˈwhat


ˌI know ˈwhat

(spoken) said before making a suggestion: I tell you what — let’s ask Fred to lend us his car.I know what! Why don’t you buy her a CD?
See also: tell, what
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In 1785, her play I'll Tell You What was performed at the Haymarket and considered a huge success in spite of some imperfections.
I'll tell you what surprises me most about Bush's new budget proposal.
It doesn't say much, so I'll tell you what happened.
When Rush barks that listeners tune only to him, "because I'll tell you everything you need to know, and I'll tell you what to think about it to boot
After launching an acting career, Inchbald began adapting plays and writing original farces and comedies, including I'll Tell You What (1785).