I'll let you go

I'll (have to) let you go.

Fig. It is time to end this phone conversation. Well, I'll let you go. It's getting late. I have to go to work early tomorrow, so I'll let you go.
See also: go, let
References in classic literature ?
I'll let you go to the moon, I'll let you go to the stars.
I neither put down king, nor set up king," said Sancho; "I only stand up for myself who am my own lord; if your worship promises me to be quiet, and not to offer to whip me now, I'll let you go free and unhindered; if not-
If you can give me a good reason why you were speeding, I'll let you go.
Alternatively come and sing at our mayoral Christmas carols on December 7 for an hour and I'll let you go.
But I'll let you go to our family but mum please think of me.
But later works like I'll Let You Go, Memorial and The Chrysanthemum Palace demonstrated that he also had a lot more octaves as a writer that he could also write with tenderness and earnest emotion.
If you can tell me a story I haven't heard from speeders before, I'll let you go.
I was talking with someone on the phone just now, and for what must have been the millionth time it's happened to me alone, I heard my caller suddenly pronounce that tired old benediction: "Well, I'll let you go now.
ABC: I'll ask one more time and then I'll let you go.
He wasn't finished there, winding up with the painful: "It must be well past your bedtime so I'll let you go.
Well, I'll let you go this morning, but you must promise to come back later this afternoon for tea.
The only way I'll let you go is if you use all these presents you've gotten to keep warm
If you can give me a reason why you were speeding that I've never heard before, I'll let you go.