will have none of (something)

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will have none of (something)

To refuse to tolerate, accept, or participate in something. I was going to move back home with my girlfriend, but my parent's would have none of it. I'll have none of this plan—find someone else to finance your schemes.
See also: have, none, of, will

have none of something

to tolerate or endure no amount of something. I'll have none of your talk about quitting school. We'll have none of your gossip. I wish to have none of the sweet potatoes, please.
See also: have, none, of

have none of

see under not have it.
See also: have, none, of

will have (or want) none of something

refuse to accept something (especially with reference to behaviour).
2000 Joe Pemberton Forever & Ever Amen It wasn't James's idea to board the Christina . He'd told Aunty Mary that it had sunk on the telly but she would have none of it.
See also: have, none, of, something, will
References in classic literature ?
"I'll have none of that on my boat," the man declared surlily.