I'll bite

I'll bite.

Inf. Okay, I will answer your question.; Okay, I will listen to your joke or play your little guessing game. Bob: Guess what is in this box? Bill: I'll bite. Bob: A new toaster! John: Didyou hear the joke about the used car salesman? Jane: No, I'll bite.
See also: bite
References in classic literature ?
If you stir - if you so much as wink - for four whole minutes, I'll bite you
If ever you listen to these beldames again, I'll bite you.
Come back here, I'll bite your legs off, when the lot were gone.
If I say something it will cost me money so I'll bite my lip and smile graciously.
I will not speak of my feelings towards how the venue is now as it will not be nice so I'll bite my tongue.
When one idiot yelled: "Mike, I'll bite your ear off", the majority of the audience fell silent as the man himself called back: "Yeah, I love you too".
She claimed she had been bitten and told him: "If you bite me, I'll bite you.
But I'll bite the bullet and cheer the lads on, hoping they can win and get us into Europe next season.
Regarding your Powerpoint Challenge in the February 2008 Aviation Consumer on why Cessna shouldn't send aerospace work to China, I'll bite.
There's a lot more I could say about each of these items, but I'll bite my tongue and encourage readers to chime in with comments.
Epileptic Shane Taylor, 27, was described in court by his lawyer as a 'Jekyll and Hyde' character after he raged at his stepmother Dawn: 'I'm going to kill you, I'll bite your head off.
I'll pull out the same rubber chicken I use for clowning, but instead of holding it up, I'll bite into the neck and blood will come out of its mouth.
Old Pricewise hands will know that the chances of getting decent, or even half-decent, amounts on at that price are remote, so I'll bite the bullet and take the realistic top price of 9-1.
Ears pinned back, head reaching toward you--"Stay hack, or I'll bite you.