I'm/I'll be damned if...

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I'm be damned if I (do something)

rude slang I am determined not to do something. I'm be damned if I let some young upstart like you take control of my company!
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I’m/I’ll be ˈdamned if...

(British English also I’m/I’ll be ˈblowed if ...) (spoken) I certainly will not, do not, etc: I’m damned if I will lend any money to that lazy son of mine.‘Why is she so late?’ ‘I’ll be blowed if I know.’
See also: damned
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I'll be damned if the long-haired man wasn't former REASON scribe Brian Doherty, who was on assignment for Liberty, which is where you will have to look for a fuller account of the convention, as I departed Convention Hall C shortly into the NRA's afternoon presentation and never returned.
I'll be damned if Genetic Disorder hasn't become somewhat of a San Diego institution--which, as counter intuitive as that might sound, is actually quite a good thing.