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I('ll) bet

1. I imagine or am fairly certain (that). The government is talking about another tax cut, but I'll bet us working-class stiffs don't see a dime of it. A: "Have you seen my glasses anywhere?" B: "I bet they're back in the restaurant—that's the last place I saw you wearing them."
2. That sounds correct; that's unsurprising. A: "Ugh, I'm not feeling very well." B: "Yeah, I'll bet, considering how much you had to drink last night." A: "I'm feeling pretty guilty about the whole thing." B: "I bet you are. It was a pretty low thing to do."
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I/I’ll ˈbet (that...)

1 I am certain (that...): I bet he’ll be late for the meeting — he always is.
2 used to show that you agree with somebody or are not surprised to hear something: ‘I’m furious about what she said to me.’ ‘I bet (you are)!’
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References in classic literature ?
There's one thing I'll bet you," he said, "and it is that Mr.
An' I'll bet he's not particularly joyful at seein' others have a good time.
I know the region where the Seventh's child's aunt lives; I know all the lovely country for miles around; I'll bet I've seen her aunt's villa many a time; I'll bet I've been in it in those pleasant old times when I was a Spanish gentleman.
Well, I'll bet you half a dozen of claret on it; come
He says he's no bum guy; and, lady, yer read dat letter, and I'll bet yer he's a white sport, all right.
Inclosing a slip of paper with the measure of his sword upon it, I'll bet a guinea,' answered the little man.
Twenty-six or -seven--you're over twenty-five right now, I'll bet you on it, shillings to ha'pennies, and you'll make thirty when you get your full weight," Dag Daughtry told him.
And she'd a white star on her brow, I'll bet a penny?
Well, I'll bet a dinner costing five hundred francs at the Rocher de Cancale that Rabourdin does not get La Billardiere's place.
Harkee, Allworthy, I'll bet thee five pounds to a crown we have a boy to-morrow nine months; but prithee tell me what wut ha
I'll bet there heads Dave Rumney There was the Coco-Cola bottling plant where any bottle not properly filled was simply thrown out, no re-cycling then.
I'm guessing a good PS75,000, and I'll bet I'm not too far out.
A one-H heathen does not pray, A two-H heath hen flies away, But I'll bet my cousin Ethan you never saw a three-H heathhhen.
I'll bet Natt would even make you one out of ballistic body armor if you asked nicely.
I'll bet it's not what I'm doing - unless you're a teenage girl.