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the eye of the hurricane

1. Literally, a place of calm in the center of a hurricane. (The "eye" is the center of a storm, which rotates around a central point.) I think we're in the eye of the hurricane and that these winds are going to get worse.
2. By extension, a calm period before something worsens. Sadly, that ceasefire was just the eye of the hurricane—enemy troops bombed one of our ports days later.
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eye of the hurricane

 and eye of the storm 
1. Lit. the area of calm in the center of a tornado, hurricane, or cyclone. It is calm and peaceful in the eye of the storm.
2. Fig. a temporary peaceful time amidst more trouble and strife yet to come. Don't relax. This is the eye of the storm. The lunch hour rush is over, but the dinner rush will start soon.
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Thirty-five Category 5 hurricanes have been recorded in the Atlantic basin since 1851, when records began.
43% of respondents who live in high risk states said that weather professionals exaggerate the risk of hurricanes, compared to the 30% of respondents who lived in the rest of the country.
On average, the Atlantic hurricane season produces 12 named storms, of which six become hurricanes, including three major hurricanes.
'This evolution, combined with the more conducive conditions associated with the ongoing high-activity era for Atlantic hurricanes that began in 1995, increases the likelihood of above-normal activity this year.'
HWISI has been computed routinely for hurricanes since 2013.--Jay S.
Forecasting hurricanes is not an easy task and depend on conditions at any given moment as Michael has shown us.
The season has so far seen five named storms, two of which - Beryl and Chris - turned into hurricanes. The other 3 were Alberto, Debby and Ernesto, which remained as tropical storms.
The more we know about hurricanes, the more effectively we can protect people and the environment from them in the future.
As the country awaits more news on the devastation in Texas following Hurricane Harvey, individuals and various causes are ushering in their support as best they can.
An ocean may look calm and quiet, but far off in the distance, a hurricane may be forming.
One to four could become major hurricanes of Category Three or higher.
This top 10 ranking by AIR Worldwide, however, shows the estimated insured loss from historical hurricanes if they were to strike today.
London, July 12 (ANI): A recent finding has revealed that the intensity of hurricanes follow a simple mathematical law which could help in foreseeing their reaction to climate change.
A WELCOME RESPITE: Following two years in which seven hurricanes generated insured losses that ranked them among the 13 most expensive storms ever, 2006 saw no hurricanes make landfall in the United States.