How the mighty have fallen

How the mighty have fallen.

Prov. a jovial or mocking way of remarking that someone is doing something that he or she used to consider very demeaning. Jill: Ever since Fred's wife left him, he has had to cook his own meals. Jane: Well! How the mighty have fallen! When Dan lost his money, he had to sell his expensive sports car. Now he drives an ugly old sedan. How the mighty have fallen.
See also: fallen, have, how, mighty
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How the mighty have fallen: having invented maps and money - not to mention the steam engine, thermometers and the water pump - the Greeks (or should that be geeks?) are unable to muster the public will to find their way out of a financial farce which rates their economy as "junk".
"HOW the mighty have fallen," is an old expression, and one used by those who wish to gloat over the misfortune of another.