How come?

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how come

Why? Why is it that (something is the case)? A: "I'm sorry, but I'm not letting you go to the party tonight." B: "Aw, Mom! How come?" How come Bobby gets ice cream but I don't?
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How come?

How did that come about?; Why? Sally: I have to go to the doctor. Mary: How come? Sally: I'm sick, silly. John: I have to leave now. Bill: How come? John: I just have to, that's all. Henry: How come you always put your right shoe on first? Rachel: Do I have to have a reason for something like that?
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how ˈcome (...)?

(spoken) used to say you do not understand how something can happen and would like an explanation: ‘They’ve decided not to buy the house.’ ‘How come? I thought they definitely wanted it.’If she spent five years in Paris, how come her French is so bad?
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