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make a Horlicks of (something)

To ruin, bungle, or spoil something. Primarily heard in UK. I really made a Horlicks of that project at work—I'm going to get fired for sure! I'm afraid the accounting department made a complete Horlicks of these numbers. We'll need to tally the entire ledger again.
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make a Horlicks of

make a mess of. British informal
1988 Joanna Trollope The Choir He thought privately that they would make a fearful horlicks of running the choir.
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"The iconic Horlicks brand has a deep heritage, credibility and resonance around the world.
GSK chief executive Emma Walmsley said: "Horlicks has made a significant contribution to GSK and to the health of consumers across India for many decades and we believe Unilever is well placed to maximise its future potential.
While Cllr Bob Beauchamp said: "This has been a real Horlicks. There is the retrospective element which is unforgivable almost, there is no consideration to the transportation problems.
Supporting the Government's Rashtriya Poshan Abhiyaan, Horlicks Mission Poshan will focus on the first 1000 days of a child with the objective of addressing malnutrition, stunting and infant mortality.
Horlicks has been putting his feet up in the comfort of CAESSR foster carers Jane Robinson and Tony Pimblott's home and news has just come through that he will be going to a new permanent home found for him by the charity.
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The ages of topers hardly matter: home consumption of booze rises yearly among women, and the geriatric males wheeled into A&Es across the nation haven't broken their limbs after overdosing on Horlicks and Hobnobs.
As millions of fans watched Andy's victory around the globe, Ellen trotted off to bed with a Horlicks.
The Bahrain India Educational and Cultural Forum (BIECF) Horlicks Quest 2010 is open to children aged 12 to 16 from schools across the country.
Thirupathi Laddoo, Horlicks Mysorepak, wheat halwa, dates halwa - these are a few of the names that may not roll off the tongue for those uninitiated to the delights of Indian festival cuisine ...
IF you've been weeping into your Horlicks ever since Wild at Heart and No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency left the screens, prepare yourself for another journey into the middle of Africa.
Adverts claiming that Horlicks makes children "taller, stronger and sharper" and Nestle's Maggi Noodles strengthen muscles and bones have been banned after they mistakenly appeared on UK television.