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Every day, they chat on the balconies of their London apartment block, but Mr Hoppy can't bring himself to reveal his feelings.
"Hoppy bock nose," said Ernie Adamo, "lots of spicy, bready rye." "Piney, resiny hop nose, with a bit of alcohol," said Gregg Glaser, editor of Yankee Brew News.
I have no experience with gators and don't pretend to be able to judge them, but Hoppy has taken hundreds, and he was excited.
I'm just trying to realign these light, hoppy beers.
After several years, Sherman was ready to move on to other projects so Boyd took a gamble, selling almost everything he owned to raise, beg and borrow enough money to purchase the rights to the Hoppy films and name, shrewdly including the television rights for technology then in the experimental stages.
By 1979 William Boyd was dead, Mulford was dead, Hopalong Cassidy as a popular hero was dead--so dead that no one had bothered to renew the copyrights on the first fifty-four "Hoppy" movies, all of which had fallen into the public domain--and I was a law professor in my middle thirties with a special interest in copyright issues.
He said: "Everyone at Livi has been linked with Hoppy down at Bradford!
I have worked for a few of them, but one really stands out in my mind - David Hopkinson, or Hoppy as he was known.
Or a halfway house, that's clean and crisp, but fruity and a wee touch hoppy, like a Kolsch.
"Real Housewives of New York City" star Bethenny Frankel now wants her daughter to stay with her for good, so she filed a lawsuit against ex-husband Jason Hoppy.
The cute llama is guaranteed to give you a llaugh, along with grrrrinning dogs and a wide-mouthed frog who aims to get you all singing "because I'm hoppy".
He added: "Hoppy is doing things his own way, they're a little bit different.
Brewdog: Hoppy Christmas and Santa Paws Brewdog's festive beers are on sale now Hoppy Christmas, a strong 7.2 per cent citrus IPA.
Sometimes you want a bit of hoppy punch, from a brewery like Liverpool's Mad Hatter.
However, when she complains that Alfie hasn't grown since she bought him, Mr Hoppy hits on an ingenious, if a little devious, plan to win Mrs Silver's love.