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Hollywood moment

1. A highly dramatic act or moment, as might happen in a film. I'll never forget that Hollywood moment with my first love, standing out in the rain, awaiting the train that would take her away from me forever.
2. A moment or period of time when one or one's actions are featured in a film. The local sheriff had his Hollywood moment this afternoon as a film crew followed his day-to-day activities for an upcoming documentary.
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Old Hollywood

Describing the period of the American film industry (based in Hollywood, California) lasting roughly from 1920-1960, usually regarded as a time of great glamour and associated with stars like Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor. The term is often used to refer to fashions that reflect those of that era. Casablanca and Gone with the Wind are two very famous Old Hollywood films. I'm not surprised she went with a glitzy Old Hollywood look tonight—it really suited her perfectly.
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1. mod. having phony glitter. Who is this Hollywood dame who just came in?
2. n. a gaudily dressed person in sunglasses. (Also a term of address.) Ask Hollywood over there to take off his shades and make himself known.
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Aileen Boyle, associate publisher at Simon & Schuster, says, ``There have been Hollywood books that sell better in New York than in L.
City and Los Angeles County officials worked five years on the on the Hollywood and Vine project, completing necessary environmental and traffic reports and searching for the right developer for the property.
Though there's an element of Hollywood hyperbole to Vasdasz's alarms, it's worth noting that Silicon Valley's economic health is more vital to the nation than its relatively modest Beltway presence might indicate.
There was never an organized, articulate, and effective liberal or left-wing opposition to the communists in Hollywood," concluded John Cogley, a socialist, in his 1956 Report on Blacklisting.
Within two weeks, Hollywood's four friends were in custody and Hollywood -- accused of ordering Nick killed -- was on the run.
A handful of movie studios were built in and around Hollywood.
Hollywood Park chose a compound, brand-named Cushion Track, manufactured by an English company.
Hollywood Park, which begins its first meet under the ownership of Bay Meadows Land Co.
That's lost, with this week's announcement that the Hollywood Park turf course is unusable for the meet that opens in Inglewood on Wednesday, and it's a disaster for horsemen and horseplayers no matter what the sport's overworked crisis managers have come up with to salvage the situation.