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As a holdout in the waiting room, one gets used to the departures of contemporary colleagues and friends.
bonds to subordinate the claims of all holdouts makes the subordination
From Argentina's perspective, renewed access to international capital markets was worth the cost of settling with the holdouts. For years, Argentina's government has been financing deficits with the printing press, resulting in high inflation, now above 30 per cent.
Wednesday, one of the four holdouts rode an ATV outside a barricade established by the militia at the refuge, the FBI said.
After the court ruling requiring repayment to the holdouts under the pari passu clause, Argentina offered the holdouts a repayment at essentially the same rates that it offered to other bondholders during previous exchanges.
But with most counties already issuing same-sex marriage licenses, Maxey, the first openly gay legislator in Texas, said there wasn't much reason to file lawsuits in every holdout county - other than Irion County - "to make a point" because of the small population in those counties.
On July 31, after exhausting all appeals, Argentina officially defaulted on $1.3 billion in bond payments to these holdouts that a US judge in New York had ordered them to pay in 2012.
A midnight Wednesday deadline to reach a deal with holdout bondholders came and went with Argentine Economy Minister Axel Kicillof holding firm to his government's position that it could not accept a deal with U.S.
Kicillof told reporters in New York that Argentina had offered the holdouts the same terms as the bond swaps issued in 2005 and 2010.
South American leaders have rallied behind Argentine President Cristina Fernandez, who is locked in a legal battle with holdout investors that could trigger a debt default this week, Reuters reports.
Argentina has consistently argued the RUFO clause prohibits it from settling with the holdouts.
Argentina was ordered by Griesa in 2012 to pay holdouts, who did not participate in the debt exchange, $1.33 billion plus interest on unrestructured bonds stemming from the country's $100 billion default in 2001-2002.
A federal judge has asked Citigroup, Inc (NYSE: C) to wait to see whether a court ruling on whether Argentina must pay hedge fund holdouts from its 2001 default will affect it.
"holdouts" representing $18.6 billion did not tender their