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According to Medina, Hilles and Muamar were intercepted Tuesday evening while attempting to board a flight bound for Malaysia.
According to Hilles, Israel's blockade is preventing Palestinians in Gaza from "building waste recycling plants to get rid of the accumulating waste pumped into the sea every day".
Forces manning the border fence fired live bullets and teargas canisters towards the demonstrators who gathered at many encampments along the border, killing Hilles and injuring more than 68 others, Middle East News reported.
And [??]erfore alle the Jewes [??]at dwellez in diuerse partys of [??]e werld lerez for to speke Hebrew for [??]ai trowe [??]at [??]ir Iewes [??]at er enclosed amanges [??]e hilles schalle come oute and schalle knawe [??]am by [??]aire speche [??]at [??]ai er Jews as [??]ai er.
Hilles and Harold Bloom (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1965), 527-60.
Dearinger, the Susan Morse Hilles curator of paintings & sculpture and director of exhibitions at the Boston Athenaeum, will offer an analysis of the historical and artistic significance of the first school of American painting.
This brooke riseth, as some say, four or five miles above Bermingham, towards Black Hilles.
In 1920, the superb mansion became the property of the D'Arcy Hilles family from Baltimore and during the Second World War it was requisitioned and successively used by the German and the American armies.
Hilles, secretary to the president of the United States, William Howard Taft (1857-1930).
REYNOLDS: Well, we were indeed fortunate to be able to lure Ruth Barnes to Yale, but the same is true of Ian McClure, who is now our Susan Morse Hilles Chief Conservator and who was, at the time we recruited him, directing the Hamilton Kerr Institute while also serving as the painting conservator for the Fitzwilliam Museum at Cambridge.
Jamal Hilles. The price of limestone aggregates has risen from around 10.5-11 dirham per tonne to 12.5 dirham per tonne, says Hilles.
Also, Mazzeo, Hilles, and Zyontz [2011] analyze the data used in PWC [2009] and report no systematic upward bias in patent damage awards.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-March 28, 2012-Drew Hilles and Torsten Schulz join Jelli's management team(C)1994-2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
Hilles, which illuminate the political effectiveness of Taft's 1911 program, especially his national tour, which has been panned as a failure by other historians.