in hopes of

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in hopes of (something)

With the expectation, intention, or desire of (something or something happening). He strove to be well-behaved in prison, in hopes of an early release. I'm being extra nice to my sister all through December, in hopes of getting a new video game for Christmas.
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in (high) hopes of something

Fig. expecting something. I was in hopes of getting there early. We are in high hopes that John and Mary will have a girl.
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in hopes of

Also, in hopes that; in the hope of or that ; in high hopes of or that . Expecting and wishing for, as in We went in hopes of finding a vacancy, or They met in the hope of bringing about a peaceful settlement. The phrases with that are used with clauses, as in In hopes that something good might come of it, he began to work, or We are in high hopes that a cure for leukemia will be found soon. [c. 1600]
See also: hope, of
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Departing from the presidential palace on his way to the talks at the Nicosia airport, Anastasiades said he had high hopes about the future.
He sang High Hopes and he has got high hopes for the future - I think he'll be a big success with whatever he does.
Album opener High Hopes - a Havalinas cover - boasts all the Boss's recent hallmarks, a singalong holler that combines Celtic tradition with New Orleans swagger, rock and roll with a hint of RATM steel.
Middle-East: Morocco pins high hopes on American initiative, ambassador
He said we have high hopes that Pakistan team will be successful in the said event.
Sefton have attracted a number of new players through the summer, and coach Mal Casson has high hopes for a successful Division Three campaign this season with genuine title hopes.
High-flier: Fiona Clarke has high hopes of a place at the Paralympics in London this summer.
High Hopes - Few Opportunities is based on a two-year study of science education in California's elementary schools.
COVENTRY Sphinx had high hopes of climbing out of the bottom six when they entertained Ellesmere Port but despite taking the lead through Kyle Rhodes on 37 minutes they finally lost out 4-1.
THE BBC is being urged to bring back sitcom High Hopes.
We have very high hopes for Chris and he won't be going anywhere - we have high hopes for his immediate future too, as people could see at Barnsley on Saturday.
Rosberg, who has been on the podium twice so far this year - both times third - has high hopes for the weekend.
Every German team goes to a World Cup with high hopes.
The managing director for the ranch had high hopes for its success, and its investors had equally high hopes for a quick and easy return on their investments.