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hic jacet

A Latin phrase meaning "here lies" that is often inscribed on gravestones. This headstone is a mystery—it says "Hic jacet" with no name underneath!
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hic Rhodus, hic salta

A Latin phrase taken from one of Aesop's fables, in which an athlete is urged to repeat the impressive jump that he claims to have made on the island of Rhodes. The Latin phrase translates to "here is Rhodes, jump here." A: "I'm friends with everyone in the school!" B: "Oh yeah? Hic Rhodus, hic salta—go to talk to that big group of people, I bet you don't know any of them!" A: "All right, star athlete, hic Rhodus, hic salta—do your slam dunk here." B: "I told you, I can't, I need my other shoes."
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As was presented, the differences regarding the HIC values for the pedestrian are significant, taking into account that the same collision velocity was used in both crash-tests.
In this case, there are no state regulations mandating that the primary insurer cover additional damages or interest beyond the primary policy's limit, nor do any regulations exempt HIC from its responsibility to pay all amounts in excess of the primary policy's limit.
Assisting prospective investors in arranging their visit to Pakistan & having fruitful meeting in the country during the visit and helping in the dissemination of investment information & business opportunities in Pakistan were also included among the duties of HIC,"the handout said.
Por isso, os niveis maximos de fosforo para acos com resistencia HIC situa-se proximo de 0,010%, para a maioria das especificacoes.
La HIC causa dano en la circulacion cerebral con perdida de la agudeza visual que puede llevar a muerte temprana, aunque la perdida de la vision puede ser por invasion directa del hongo al nervio optico.
Run Foam Foam Window HIC Energy in Liner 1 Liner 2 (MPa) Brain (mJ) 1 58 61 68000 491 105 2 58 61 72000 532 108 3 58 63 68000 1829 106 4 58 63 72000 996 110 5 60 61 68000 476 129 6 60 61 72000 671 134 7 60 63 68000 654 131 8 60 63 72000 1006 136
HIC asserts that Tunisia will forever be at the forefront of countries which support brotherly Palestinians so that their fight be crowned by a clear victory and end an unfair occupation which has dictated on the Palestinian people the worst forms of blockades, destruction and massacre.
Adenokarsinomlu hastalar sigara icme durumlarina gore halen sigara icen ve hic sigara icmemis olanlar olarak 2 gruba ayrildi.
Debido a la relevancia biotecnologica de HIC, se han hecho esfuerzos para determinar de que forma las caracteristicas de las proteinas y las condiciones de operacion del sistema afectan el perfil de elucion y el tiempo de retencion de las proteinas (Hjerten et al.
HIC includes people from at least seven different faiths: Bahai; Buddhist; Christian; Hindu; Jewish; Muslim; Quaker and Sikh.
No glitches, no hic cups, no failures at all, and the mag had been compressed since 1945.
The bypass solenoid includes a drain port and an optional robust coil; it is also fully PLUS+1 compliant, meaning that the HIC directly interfaces with Sauer-Danfoss' electronic control network for mobile machinery.
Pepperl+Fuchs introduces the HiC family of Intrinsic Safety Isolators (HiC), the latest addition to its H-System family of motherboard-mounted HiCs.
The new range is the result of a decades-long friendship between the principals of HIC and Helen Chen, the creator and former owner of Joyce Chen Products.
Applications: Food packaging, HIC and personal-care bottles, light industrial packaging, technical parts.