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Heres Steppie had three litters before visiting Smooth Rumble, starting with a Frightful Flash batch containing 1996 Munster Puppy Cup finalist Heres Percie.
To Mustang Jack she threw the 1998 Lifford Derby finalist Heres Tiny, while her Spiral Nikita pups included Heres My Nell, a minor four and six-bend open winner in Britain after returning 29.41sec at Kilkenny.
Granddam Heres Biddie, a big fawn, won a 48-dog stake at Kilkenny and clocked 29.16sec there in 1988, when Lax Law's.
Heres Andy, now trained in the Midlands, heads the market after impressive wins in theheats and semi-final - his first races since coming over from Ireland.
If Murlens can get away from Heres Andy and Burnpark Lord just watch him respond to the Shawfield roar."
( Here's What Costco is Doing for Black Friday
( Here's What Sears and Kmart Are Doing for Black Friday
But here's a new twist: So accustomed are we to allegations that plastics emit, exude, or exhale something unpleasant into the soil, water, or air that we may have overlooked contrary evidence that plastics are taking waste products out of the environment.
Here's what Bob says about cadmium: "In the zinc manufacturing process a toxic byproduct is generated that contains elemental cadmium.