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All it needs is the herd, and I'll stampede a couple of hundred thousand people in here ins two years.
At first it was patches and sections of land here and there; but as the weeks passed it was the unowned portions that became rare, until at last they stood as islands surrounded by Daylight's land.
When your husband that'll be so soon, is here fur to take you home?
Now, I'm a going upstairs to tell your aunt as Mas'r Davy's here, and that'll cheer her up a bit,' he said.
This was Heres Steppie, whose owner Kitty Skehan, of Johnstown, Co.
Heres Steppie was one of the best, annexing the Irpounds 1,500 Champion Bitch Stake at Thurles in 1993, reaching the 1994 Irish Oaks semis at Shelbourne Park and counting a 29.