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John Hancock

slang A signature. John Hancock, an influential figure in the American Revolution, is known for his especially large and legible signature on the Declaration of Independence. As soon as you put your John Hancock on these papers, you'll be the proud owner of a brand new car! I would never have put my John Hancock on such an unfavorable contract—I think my signature was forged.
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Henry! Henry Aldrich! Coming, Mother!

A phrase used to call someone to attention (and their response to said call). It comes from Henry Aldrich, a mid-20th century radio show. A: "Where is that boy? Henry! Henry Aldrich!" B: "Coming, Mother!"
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one's John Henry

 and one's John Hancock
one's signature. Just put your John Henry on this line, and we'll bring your new car around.
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John Hancock

Also, John Henry. One's signature, as in Just put your John Hancock on the dotted line. This expression alludes to John Hancock's prominent signature on the Declaration of Independence. The variant simply substitutes a common name for "Hancock." [Mid-1800s]
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Adam Henry

n. an AH = asshole, = jerk. Treated as a name. Why don’t you get some smarts, Adam Henry?
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John Hancock

n. one’s signature. (Refers to the signature of John Hancock, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.) Put your John Hancock right here, if you don’t mind.
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Hen-ree! Henry Aldrich! Coming, Mother!

Henry Aldrich was a very popular radio show that ran from 1939 to 1953. The title character was an awkward adolescent who was forever getting into hot water with his girlfriend and his other friends. The show began with Mrs. Aldrich calling, “Hen-ree, Henry Aldrich!” to which he would reply, “Coming, Mother!” The phrase's elements became 1940s catchwords for summoning and responding, respectively.
See also: henry
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And, as Natasha hugs son Henry Joseph Oscar, she still can't believe she's a mum.
The 2,300-hectare (5,685-acre) estate was given to the trust in 1955 by the sixth Baronet Radcliffe, Capt Sir Joseph Benedict Everard Henry Radcliffe, instead of death duties, after his father, Sir Everard Henry Joseph Radcliffe, of Rudding Park, near Harrogate, died.
Henry Joseph, defending, said the youngster was not only sorry for what he had done but wished to write a letter to his victim's family expressing his sorrow.
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James Henry Joseph Morgan, 39, of Maes Yr Ysgol, Barry, admitted using threatening, abusive or insulting words with intent to cause that person to believe that immediate unlawful violence would be used against him.
Owner Henry Joseph said the recession has hit the rag trade hard and there is more demand for food than fashion.
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Probate has been granted to nephew Henry Joseph Herzberg, of 18 Patshull Road, London, and Anthony Russell Rudell, of 50 Westfield Road, Edg-baston, Birmingham.
Harry Payne was a noted military artist, born Henry Joseph Payne in Walworth, Surrey, in 1858.
Henry Joseph Fitzsimmons, 41 of Spamount Street, Thomas Tolan, 39, from Ballymurphy Parade, Gerard McCrory, 38, of Dermott Hill Road and Liam Rainey, of New Barnsley Crescent, all Belfast, pleaded guilty to kidnap.
Henry Joseph, aged 37, of St George's Road, Stoke, Coventry, driving with excess alcohol, using a vehicle without insurance and driving with an incorrect licence, fined pounds 300, banned from driving for one year and a drink-drive course was accepted.