Help yourself

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help (oneself) (to something)

To serve oneself (something); to take, consume, or indulge in (something) freely or without permission or restraint. There's plenty of food in the kitchen, so please, help yourselves to more. The vagrant they had given shelter to for the night helped himself to the family's prized set of silverware. The maps at the information kiosk are free, so tourists are welcome to help themselves.
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Help yourself.

Please take what you want without asking permission. Sally: Can I have one of these doughnuts? Bill: Help yourself. Mother led the little troop of my friends to the kitchen table, which was covered with cups of juice and plates of cookies. "Help yourself," she said.
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Goad on your bullocks, and never more pray to me for help, until you have done your best to help yourself, or depend upon it you will henceforth pray in vain.
Remember what I say; be kicked by him; account his kicks honors; and on no account kick back; for you can't help yourself, wise Stubb.
Of course, it is not always so bad as that, but you know it often is, and I say 'tis a mockery to tell a man that he must not overwork his horse, for when a beast is downright tired there's nothing but the whip that will keep his legs a-going; you can't help yourself -- you must put your wife and children before the horse; the masters must look to that, we can't.
Carry that basket for me and help yourself to its contents if you are hungry.
You've got to understand them; you can't help yourself.
The Reds will think just as I thought -- that you, being like nine out of ten of us, not overburdened with worldly wealth, had taken this way of earning an honest penny to help yourself through the year.
Hawkins, help yourself, and back to your post to eat it," continued Captain Smollett.
You should do it because you can't help yourself, because it's natural to you, because the man in you is crying out for heroic expression.
But don't take any notice of him; just set him upon my apron, and help yourself to the money.
If you're persuaded that it's time for luck to turn, as it certainly is, and find that you haven't means enough to try it (and that's where it is, for you know, yourself, that you never have the funds to keep on long enough at a sitting), help yourself to what seems put in your way on purpose.
Some brothers are not loved over much; and some love - but help yourself, Copperfield
Now, please help yourself, Diana," she said politely.
There's no medical evidence to support "cough CPR", which suggests you can help yourself by coughing vigorously if you think you're having a heart attack and are alone.
They're open as early as 4am and you can help yourself to alcohol.
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