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1. An interjection used to ask or determine if someone is listening or paying attention. Hello? Miranda? Did you hear anything I just said? What is the capital of Nebraska? Anyone? Hello?
2. An interjection used in response to a statement or suggestion perceived as outlandish or ignorant. Um, hello? I would never wear a hideous outfit like that.
3. An interjection used to express surprise or amazement. Hello! Look at the size of that cake! Whoa, hello! That skateboarder almost ran into me!


exclam. Did you hear me?; Are you aware that I am talking to you? A: I don’t want any of that. B: Here, have some. A: Hello? No, I don’t want any.


Did you hear me? Do you really mean that? This slangy term is not the conventional greeting, but pronounced with strong stress on the second syllable (hel-LO?), it acquired this new meaning in the late 1900s. For example, “You mean you’ve never heard of America Online? Hello?” It is on its way to clichédom.
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