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fall heir to (something)

To inherit something. Thank you! I fell heir to this pearl necklace when my grandmother died.
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plant pears for your heirs

proverb Take action that will benefit your heirs. Pear trees traditionally took such a long time to yield fruit that one would plant them for the benefit of the next generation. You should look into setting up some sort of trust fund that will grow over time and help your children when you're no longer here. Plant pears for your heirs, as they say.
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fall heir to something

1. Lit. to inherit something; to end up with certain possessions of someone who has died. I fell heir to all my grandmother's old photographs.
2. Fig. to end up with having to take care of something that no one else wants; to be placed in charge of something unexpectedly. Bob fell heir to the Wilson project and has to complete what Jane failed to do.
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Similarly, the General Organization for Social Insurance, which guarantees a salary for private sector employees after they die, will distribute that salary among the heirs, all of it if there are three or more, 75 percent if there are two, and 50 percent to a sole heir.
Rather than focus on the bonds between each other, heirs are sometimes more focused on what they can do to increase their piece of the estate pie.
The heirs of an inspector or deputy superintendent of police will receive Rs31m, the heirs of a superintendent or senior superintendent of police will receive Rs38m while heirs of a deputy inspector general and above will receive Rs60m, including Rs50 for a house.
On December 31, the apex court issued notices to Khan's heirs after the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) recommended closure of the inquiry for initiating action against politicians who allegedly received money from the country's premier intelligence agency ahead of the 1990 general elections.
His widow, Luz, is his only surviving compulsory heir. He left a will, which was admitted to probate.
Many protections are available to heirs who inherit property through a will, but not to those who inherit property through intestacy or invalid means such as informal gifts, oral or holographic wills, or wills that do not comply with state law.
If our government really wants to make things easier for surviving heirs, they it should make the process of filing and securing the CAR simpler.
Under article 1126 Civil Code, seizin heirs are the surviving spouse and the privileged descendants and ascendants.
Without an estate plan for the effective transfer of wealth, your clients' heirs may be subjected to a number of challenges, such as probate, creditors, lawsuits, judgments and legal fees -- all of which can compromise the value of the legacy that you and your client worked hard to create.
THE Department of Lands and Surveys must avoid the registration of immovable property from the name of a deceased to a person claiming ownership of same, except if a duly notarised written consent of the heirs is filed with the department.
by ONA The report pointed out that the total number of eligible heirs by the end of June stood at 32,857, who are receiving OMR3,819,797.
The complex search for heirs to Valerie Nash's estate featured on last week's episode of popular BBC daytime show, Heir Hunters.
A model embodying the essential financial relationships in our estate tax system is examined, and we find that net monetary benefits from donations to heirs are negative or zero.
There is no developed country in which agricultural plots are divided and distributed among heirs. The abolishment of this practice by way of amendments to laws No.