Heinz 57 variety

Heinz 57 (variety)

1. n. a mongrel breed of dog. (From the trade name of a condiment company.) We have one pedigreed dog and one Heinz 57 variety.
2. n. any mixture or mixed variety; any composition variable or undetermined parts. Our old house was sort of Heinz 57. A little bit of a lot of styles.
See also: 57, Heinz, variety
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A stray dog, a Heinz 57 variety called B who was a brilliant pet.
Any spaniel, poodle or Heinz 57 variety would be more than happy to call one of these sumptuously upholstered bolster beds home.
The pups, of the Heinz 57 variety, and all from the same litter, were handed in to the centre in a cardboard box with the message ``Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year''.
point-to-points and he is intent on having a real Heinz 57 variety of entries for the six-year-old at the Festival.