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Heinz 57 (variety)

1. A phrase used to describe anything that is made up of a mixture of things. The phrase refers to an advertising slogan for the H.J. Heinz Company's 57 varieties of pickles. This stew is definitely Heinz 57 variety—there's a lot of different things thrown into it.
2. A mixed-breed dog. I have no idea what breed Sparky is—he seems to be Heinz 57.
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Heinz 57 (variety)

1. n. a mongrel breed of dog. (From the trade name of a condiment company.) We have one pedigreed dog and one Heinz 57 variety.
2. n. any mixture or mixed variety; any composition variable or undetermined parts. Our old house was sort of Heinz 57. A little bit of a lot of styles.
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Heinz 57

See also: 57, Heinz
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The new Heinz pastries are now available in major retailers.
Alex Behring, Managing Partner at 3G Capital said, "We have great respect for the Heinz brands and the strong business that management and its employees operate around the world.
But our test of hungry Scots shows Heinz are still our nation's favourite bean.
Except for an experimental run of 4 million bottles bearing cartoon images last summer, Heinz hasn't made a major change to its label since it introduced its brand of ketchup in 1876.
Waners are consumers who accept that Heinz soup has a role to play in their repertoire, but who believe that they have moved on in terms of recipes and flavours.
Under the new centralized structure, the current president of Heinz North America, Joseph Jimenez Jr.