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The proliferation of scholarship on the heavy metal genre being produced by writers in numerous disciplines, academic or otherwise, has garnered significant interest over the last few decades.
Research shows that as many as 5.4million women in the UK suffer heavy menstrual bleeding.
The region is not yet a hot-spot for heavy oil extraction, compared to established giants in bitumen such as Canada and Venezuela.
CARDIFF Today - Rain all day, heavy in the morning, with showers through the afternoon, high of 10C.
With the strengthened capital tie-up, Toyota and Fuji Heavy aim to boost joint development of a compact sports car, with Fuji Heavy beginning to produce the car at the end of 2011 at a plant to be build in Gunma Prefecture.
"The Heavy Men's Network extends this focus to also include the quality and differentiation of the ads-such as the size and placement-to ensure 100% share of voice for our advertisers.
Accordingly, the Service has concluded for reasons of administrative convenience and burden reduction that the use of replacement cost as an accounting method for determining the cost of heavy equipment parts in inventory is permissible.
Fleet Marines should start receiving the first of 156 new marinized heavy lifters, to be called the CH-53K, in 2015--which is none too soon for the program manager, Marine Col.
Camden Iron & Metal and Sturgis Iron & Metal both purchased a 130 Heavy shredder--the largest mill available offering the greatest throughput capabilities found in the industry, according to Wendt.
GM, which had an equity stake of about 20 percent in Fuji Heavy Industries before the sales, is no longer its top shareholder, the maker of Subaru and Legacy cars said.
-- Smoking appears to heighten neuropsychological deficits found in heavy social drinkers, researchers reported at the annual meeting of the Research Society on Alcoholism.
"Our research shows that there is a high level of consumer confusion regarding the meaning of heavy duty," Duracell vice president of marketing Mark Bertolami says.
(1) In an observational study of pregnant women and their partners, a couple's risk of not conceiving in the first year of unprotected intercourse was raised when women smoked heavily (relative risk, 3.6), had a heavy intake of coffee or tea (1.7), or were above or below normal weight (2.2-6.9); when male partners had a heavy alcohol intake (2.2); and when the couple had a low standard of living (1.6).
Generally, a tax-qualified retirement plan is top heavy when the benefits of certain company executives (called "key employees" in the Internal Revenue Code) account for more than 60 percent of the plan's assets.
Networks can defend against DoS attacks, as well as from heavy network loads resulting from more innocent causes.