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heartbeat (away) from being (something)

In a position to move into a position immediately upon the absence of one's superior or predecessor (often assumed to mean from death). The position of vice president may not seem important, but whoever it is will be a heartbeat away from being president, so we should take that into account when voting.
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a heartbeat away from being (something)

Cliché set to be the next ruler upon the final heartbeat of the current ruler. (The decisive heartbeat would be the current ruler's last heartbeat.) The vice president is just a heartbeat away from being president. The prince was only a heartbeat away from being king.
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in a heartbeat

Fig. almost immediately. If I had the money, I would go back to college in a heartbeat. Just tell me that you need me and I'll come there in a heartbeat.
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a heartbeat (away) from

very close to; on the verge of.
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a ˈheartbeat away (from something)

very close to something: The offices are a heartbeat away from Singapore’s business centre.With all her musical talent, it seems that success is just a heartbeat away.
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in a ˈheartbeat

very quickly, without thinking about it: If I was offered another job, I’d leave in a heartbeat.
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We envision that this result paves way for exciting research on understanding the morphology of the heartbeat both in the context of emotion-recognition as well as in the context of non-invasive health monitoring and diagnosis.
In the future, Schreck anticipates recording the heartbeats of emergency room patients and with adult patients with cancer.
Mobile Heartbeat is an innovator that is keenly focused on meeting the mobile technology needs of clinicians, said Dr.
After watching the outline flash on and off in sync with the heartbeat for several minutes, the subjects experienced a stronger identification with the virtual body, reporting that it felt more like their own body.
But until now, there has been no hard evidence to suggest this bond is reflected in the interaction of their heartbeats.
With this level of technology patients can easily monitor for an irregular heartbeat while they monitor their blood pressure.
That is counting the number of heartbeats in 10 seconds and multiplying that by six.
Normally each heartbeat starts in the right atrium.
The study doesn't prove that the dense nerve growth caused the abnormal heartbeats, says Chen.
Cardiac arrhythmias, or irregular heartbeats, also raise heart failure risk.
The gadgets will identify users by measuring their heartbeats through their fingertips.
People with irregular heartbeats are usually given warfarin to prevent clots forming and causing strokes, but it can react with other drugs and is not ideal for frail, elderly patients.
Infants with this abnormality face a 41-fold greater risk of SIDS in their first year than those with normal heartbeats, the scientists report in the June 11 New England Journal of Medicine.
Scientists at the University of Aberdeen, along with colleagues in Germany, discovered the heartbeats of a mother and foetus synchronised under certain conditions.