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What's happening?

 and What's happ?
Sl. Hello, what's new? Hey, dude! What's happening? What's happ? How's it goin'?


1. mod. fashionable; trendy; positive. (Collegiate.) Wow, that’s happening!
2. n. an event. The concert was a real happening.

What’s happ(ening)?

interrog. Hello, what’s new? Hey, dude! What’s happening?
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FEW COULD QUIBBLE with Allan Kaprow's laconic definition of Happenings in 1966, when he spoke of them simply as "collage|s] of events in certain spans of time and in certain spaces.
Miranda and The Happenings are still happening, with frequent appearances around the country singing their hits (which also include "Go Away Little Girl" and "I Got Rhythm") and songs from groups and performers such as the Beach Boys, Righteous Brothers and The Rascals.
How often do we skip over the little things in life - the ordinary everyday happenings, but treat with awe the grand scale happenings.
With satirical humor and cunning wit, Stafford proceeds from his random start to lead readers through hilarious happenings in the life of Dr.
Yet and still, Neal's skillful reference to the media-conversion of oppositional politics, "Watts Happenings," into universally available and stereotypical vernacular pleasantries, "What's Happenings," remains on par with all the gas/electric company PR jingles which recite the initials of the company followed by a benignly rendered falsetto, "Pow-er to the Pe-ople.
Hotels, in particular, traditionally schedule ceremonies and holiday happenings.
Conceptual Art, environments and happenings were all attempts to relate art and society in a new way.
Happenings were besieged as well by the mass media, but when Kaprow changed the name to "activities," the interest abated.
Hotels, in particular, traditionally hold ceremonies and special happenings.
Around 1963, he began to combine painting and text, concentrating more and more on strategies for leaving behind the myths of subjectivity and authenticity associated with painting and even with the extension of painting into the three-dimensionality of Happenings in the 1950s and '60s.
The viewers, most of whom were probably in diapers during the Happenings era (as Bock himself was), responded with sluggish amusement, as if they had been asked to dance the frug.
art cofounder Boris Lurie) and their Happenings, is currently the subject of a small survey at Janos Gat Gallery in New York (April 10-May 12).