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What's happening?

 and What's happ?
Sl. Hello, what's new? Hey, dude! What's happening? What's happ? How's it goin'?


1. mod. fashionable; trendy; positive. (Collegiate.) Wow, that’s happening!
2. n. an event. The concert was a real happening.

What’s happ(ening)?

interrog. Hello, what’s new? Hey, dude! What’s happening?
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It was part of a scheme by the Ghana Energy Awards to encourage and appreciate journalists, who are keen to bring to the fore the happenings in the energy sector of the country.
The friends, who both studied at the University of Manchester, started working on 'happenings' as a way of expressing art regularly within the city.
Ideal for intermediate to advanced quilters, Hexagon Happenings is a step-by-step guide to crafting warm, beautiful quilts with hexagon techniques.
The Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority (TCA Abu Dhabi) has a launched the first mobile app for its www.abudhabievents.ae online resource, bringing all event happenings in the emirate closer to residents and visitors alike.
Advertising exec Andrew Platt developed free app MyTime that showcases all the interesting and off-beat happenings happening in London and sorts them into an easy-to-use calendar, the Daily Express reported.
Bob Miranda, lead singer of the vocal pop group The Happenings whose soaring single "See You in September" was making the aforementioned waves on the airwaves, was doing a stint of training at the time at Camp Drum as a member of the National Guard.
When will they realise that most of us in North Wales are about as interested in the parochial and sporting happenings in South Wales as the people in Lancashire are in the happenings in Devon or Kent.
How often do we skip over the little things in life - the ordinary everyday happenings, but treat with awe the grand scale happenings.
With satirical humor and cunning wit, Stafford proceeds from his random start to lead readers through hilarious happenings in the life of Dr.
Reading the many happenings of the past brought back so many memories, from Stonewall to the AIDS crisis and so much more.
I don't imagine Red Foxx's Fred Sanford ever read Karenga's 1968 essay "Black Cultural Nationalism," but in one "mass-mediated" episode, he shows his son Lamont that many black cultural nationalists in Watts showed no respect for him, or other "organic" parts of the "Black Public Sphere," by wearing new clothes, chanting in Swahili, and declaring the blues "invalid." Yet and still, Neal's skillful reference to the media-conversion of oppositional politics, "Watts Happenings," into universally available and stereotypical vernacular pleasantries, "What's Happenings," remains on par with all the gas/electric company PR jingles which recite the initials of the company followed by a benignly rendered falsetto, "Pow-er to the Pe-ople."
Pelikan speaks of such happenings as well as the rhapsodic tribute to the Virgin by Dante, Verdi, Claudel, and so many more only as the reaching out of people to Mary, the Mother of God.
Conceptual Art, environments and happenings were all attempts to relate art and society in a new way.
Giommi is one of several investment brokers at the Sudbury branch who are able to monitor the happenings on Bay Street by personal computer.