hand back

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hand something back (to someone)

to return something to someone by hand. Would you please hand this paper back to Scott? Hand back this book to Fred, if you please.
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If a sponsor refuses to hand back a passport, put him in the cells - not the victim.
Disgraced banker Sir Fred Goodwin is to hand back some of his pension
A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police said: "While the staff were talking to the woman, the offender returned to the post office to apologise and hand back some of the money he had stolen."
Now the charity is demanding its former boss hand back pounds 30,000 of a pounds 60,700 bonus paid to her in 2003, when the organisation was in dire straits.
No-one at the club was available for comment today on the decision to hand back his ticket.
He was told to hand back his flak jacket because there were not enough to go round.
Lars-Johan Jarnheimer, head of Tele2, told the Swedish financial newspaper Dagens Industri's online edition that the company was still in talks with the Norwegian authorities but that unless it received a positive reply to its requests in the next couple of weeks it would hand back the licence.
Iraq is likely to receive several of its commercial aircraft back after Jordan and Tunisia apparently indicated that they are ready to hand back aircraft that were impounded during the 1990-91 Gulf War.
I was talking to my BFF in the hall when I swung my hand back and nailed my crush.
Yet a ruling in favor of Comcel may force it to hand back the $150 million fees to Orbitel and the ETB.
Thus, in this Return Right Reverse, RD will hand back to LU with his left hand, while on the Return Left Reverse, LD would pass back to RU with his right hand.
He flew to Ireland yesterday to hand back his Freedom of Dublin scroll in protest at Aung San Suu Kyi holding the same honour.
The company, an arms-length, not for profit trust set up by Denbighshire Council, will also relinquish and hand back the leases of the Nova Centre and the North Wales Bowls Centre on February 1.
And, please, let's have no more ministers hoping that wealthy pensioners will hand back their passes.
THE man running Halifax Bank of Scotland when it collapsed is being urged by MPs to hand back some of his gigantic pension.