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a banana hammock

slang A very skimpy male bikini. I can't believe Albert insists on wearing a banana hammock to the beach—how embarrassing! A: "What was that scream?" B: "It seems that Evelyn didn't know George was in a banana hammock before she walked into his hotel room." If you're wearing a banana hammock, I don't want to be seen with you, no way.
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banana hammock

n. a bikini for a male. (see also grape smugglers.) He was wearing a little yellow banana hammock that drew a lot of stares.
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Summary: This is expected to auger well for the expansion of the global hammocks market in the coming years.
Enjoy the great outdoors, fall asleep under the stars, and #Hang-Anywhere with Grand Trunk's new Baja Hammock Collection--four adventure and travel-Inspired double hammocks to help you (and someone close to you) swing in style.
Students perform them from hammocks swinging from the ceiling, unlike traditional yoga practised on a mat.
The hammocks are sure to be a big hit and are only in stores while stocks last !
But on offer is Room to Breathe, a day of walking, talking and thinking with a GP and analyst (PS38); the Tinker Project for ages six and upwards, to remake everyday objects (PS3); and the chance to lay back in woodland hammocks and simply relax in the peaceful surroundings.
Ridgeline makes high quality, durable outdoor camping hammocks at an affordable price.
Hammocks are usually vacation-worthy, hanging from palm trees on beaches far from real life.
Caption: 3 The Hammock Source: Pawleys Island quilted hammocks are designed with 18 individual cushions that run the entire length of the hammock bed.
When their cages were kitted out with hammocks, extra bedding, ledges, chew sticks, and plastic huttype shelters, the little animals displayed mental states similar to those seen in happy people, the research showed.
There's a hole in one of Okapi's hammocks. What could have happened?
"Hammocks Portland But no, they got above themselves.
Hammocks were originally developed by native inhabitants of Central and South America to sleep in and some research reveals they were originally woven out of bark from a "hamack" tree, hence the name.
Once I decided to do this the first thing we made were these camping hammocks, and I had to make a shelter that would fit it.