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hobnob with (someone)

To interact with someone, typically someone who has more power, fame, or success than oneself. I can't hobnob with those ladies—they're executives at the biggest company in town!
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play hob (with someone or something)

slang To cause disruptions (for someone or something). "Hob" is short for "hobgoblin," a type of imp or elf that causes mischief. This wonky Internet connection is playing hob with my work day. The nasty weather played hob with our plans for the weekend.
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raise hob (with someone or something)

slang To cause disruptions (for someone or something). "Hob" is short for "hobgoblin," a type of imp or elf that causes mischief. This wonky Internet signal is raising hob with my work day. The nasty weather raised hob with our plans for the weekend.
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raise hob with someone or something

 and play hob with someone or something
to do something devilish to someone or something; to cause trouble for someone or something. (A hob is a hobgoblin, a wicked little elf.) Your sudden arrival is going to play hob with my dinner plans. Sorry, I didn't mean to raise hob with you.
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play (or raise) hob

cause mischief; make a fuss. North American
Hob is short for hobgoblin and is used in this mid 19th-century expression to mean the devil . Compare with raise Cain (at Cain) and raise the devil (at devil).
1993 Canadian Living When rain finally came, it wouldn't stop and played hob with the lentils that were growing there for the first time in a big way.
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