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The HES will be contacted and informed of the findings of this audit to discuss how best to improve communication links between the hospital and the practice.
Further comparison of the etiologic classification of the 59 cases that matched in the 2 datasets showed some discrepancies (online Technical Appendix Table 3); 1 HES varicella zoster virus encephalitis case was diagnosed as HSV encephalitis in the PHE study, and 2 "other mixed" HES cases were diagnosed as immune-mediated in the PHE data.
3, treatment with either all doses of HES or sulfasalazine significantly suppressed the increase in MPO activity caused by DSS, however, none was able to reach the normal control value.
The evaluation of HES is extensive and requires investigation of all underlying reactive and neoplastic etiologies of eosinophilia.
Follow-up and treatment of patients with HES should include monitoring for cytogenetic and molecular evidence of clonality, which would indicate a myeloproliferative disease rather than HES.
We acknowledge that the businesses and facilities within the Sun family are at varying levels of HES achievement.
Regarding these studies, HES IVFs were administered to critically ill patients with sepsis.
Honda noted that testing of the HES II system will be done in conjunction with demonstration of its 2005 FCX fuel cell vehicle on public roads in the northeastern U.
We compared data from Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) and the Public Health Laboratory Services (PHLS) for incidence estimates and from HES and the Office for National Statistics (ONS) for estimates of deaths.
This new business segment will be called Heckmann Environmental Services, or HES, and will be a "one-stop" shop for collection and recycling services of waste products, including used motor oil, wastewater, spent antifreeze, remanufactured antifreeze sales, used oil filters and parts washers.
Later, we learned our only water source will be cut off with a HES project instead.
A 2011 review of HES [2] raised concerns of increased harm, particularly with older HES formulations, and this concern was reiterated in a 2013 review.
Nine (9) HES cabinets are in-service with 3 systems deployed by EPRI for the Tennessee Valley Authority SMART Station Program and 6 storage-only systems deployed as part of a complete EV charge station by Oak Ridge National Labs' U.