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*hepped (up)

Sl. to be intoxicated. (*Typically: be ~ get ∼.) Wally is a little too hepped up to drive home. Harry's too hepped to stand up.
See also: hep


mod. aware; informed; savvy. The chick is simply not hep.

hepped (up)

mod. alcohol intoxicated. Willy is a little too hepped up to drive home.
See also: hep, up


See also: hep
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HEPS denominated in GBP is expected to be between 3 per cent and 13
Following completion of the half-year closure process, Sasol is now able to indicate that the reduction in EPS and HEPS is expected to be between 50% and 55%.
Newbridge's goals came from Lee Gardner, Spencer Morris, Paul Robins, Andrew Cadogon, Lee Palfrey and Dale Gardner, while HEPS replied through Liam Pritchard and Craig Wood.
In our trading statement issued on 19 June 2009, we indicated that our EPS and HEPS were expected to decrease by between 40% and 50%.
Taking cognisance of the above mentioned factors, the HEPS for the full 2009 financial year are expected to decrease by between 32% and 37%, and EPS are expected to decrease by between 37% and 42% compared to the prior year.
Having made a slow start to the season, Radyr looked to be in for a tough challenge against a HEPS team who had only lost once in four outings.
HEPS would be impacted by the recognition of non-cash costs of R168
B-BBEE transactions is estimated to be a reduction in HEPS of 146cps for
Revenue of R27,2 billion - EBITDA of R11,2 billion - EBITDA margin of 41,3% - PAT of R 6,7 billion - Adjusted HEPS of 338,2 cents - Headline EPS of 359,8 cents - Dividend per share of 65 cents
EPS and HEPS figures for this period were restated at 16,2c (previously reported: 37,4c) and net tangible asset value per share at 402,7c (previously reported: 424,3c).
81 for the previous period, HEPS only dropped 53% to 43cps (92cps).
in HEPS and EPS being reduced by the recognition of IFRS 2 share-based