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*hepped (up)

Sl. to be intoxicated. (*Typically: be ~ get ∼.) Wally is a little too hepped up to drive home. Harry's too hepped to stand up.
See also: hep


mod. aware; informed; savvy. The chick is simply not hep.

hepped (up)

mod. alcohol intoxicated. Willy is a little too hepped up to drive home.
See also: hep, up


See also: hep
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The financing of the recovery of Sayano-Shushinskaya HEPS might be lowered.
Besides the successful contracting in 2008 the cost of business will also be affected significantly by the recovery of Sayano-Shushinskaya HEPS.
Admiral Claims moved up into third place in the third division after their 3-1 victory over HEPS.
3 bn RUR to the construction of water outlet at Sayano-Shushinskaya HEPS.
Church Park Rangers ran out 6-1 winners against HEPS, Andy Davies, Dean Wheeler and Neil Young all netting two goals apiece.
Cardiff Westside moved above HEPS after they comfortably beat them 7-1, Lee Davies (3), Daniel Cuddihay, Sam Russell, Aeron Deans and Tom Baldwin getting Westside's goals, while St Mary's Grangetown recorded a resounding 10-0 win over thirdplaced Admiral Claims.
FST does not include the costs of recovering Sayano- Shushinskaya HEPS in tariffs for 2010.
In the other Third Division match, HEPS edged out Admiral Claims 3-2 thanks to goals from Julian Baker (2) and Barrie Taylor.