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I've met some wonderful people through the charity and I've learned so much about the hens.
The licence permits the removal of hen harrier eggs and/or chicks to a dedicated hatching and rearing facility, where they will be hand-reared in captivity, before being transferred to specially-constructed pens in hen harrier breeding habitat, from which they are then re-introduced into the wild in the uplands of northern England.
Andrew Miller, head of programmes and conservation at Northumberland National Park, and chairman of the Northumberland Hen Harrier Protection Partnership, said: "With so few hen harriers breeding in England the loss of even a single bird is devastating.
Ond mae'n ddiddorol sylwi fod hen daid Jesse, sef William James, wedi ei eni yn Lloegr, tra bod tad hwnnw, Capt John James, wedi ei eni yn America, a bod ei hen hen hen hen daid wedi ei eni yn rhywle Sir Gaernarfon ond yn marw yn America.
They must live together in a converted outbuilding or purpose-built hen house.
Scotland, which is home to 80% of the UK population of hen harriers, saw its number of breeding pairs drop to 460 in 2016 from 505 six years before.
Southfields Primary School pupils with their new hens, adopted via the British Hen Welfare Trust
Each time a hen goes through her molt, her subsequent eggs will generally be a bit larger than they were before the molt.
However, in addition to the basic effort in changing hen housing efforts to apply various other aspectsof animal welfare management such as improving stocking density and controlling the systems of ventilation, ambient temperature and relative humidity are also necessary.
One Hen Academy will become SCORES' flagship service-learning program.
Claw condition score: the hen was held gently by one person, and another person examined the claw condition.
They are particularly keen for those with gardens and allotments to step forward with the promise of a new home for a hen.
That is determined among hen breeds, and by the type of feed.
Friends of ours mentioned they had a hen that was "setting," so I asked them to try the method mentioned in the letter--lifting a broody hen off her nest at night and replacing her eggs with chicks so they can be raised naturally by a mother.
Chris Armstrong, freight director for Air Partner North America, said the hen airlift was a first for the company.