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gym bunny

Someone who is obsessively preoccupied with maintaining or improving their physique and thus spends a large amount of time at the gym to do so. After recovering from his surgery, John spent a lot of time at the gym getting his body back into shape. Now he's turned into a total gym bunny.
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gym shoe

A sneaker, particularly one worn in gym class or to play sports. Unfortunately, I didn't realize I forgot my gym shoes until I got to the locker room.
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gym shoe

n. a disliked person. Who is the gym shoe who comes to class in a sport coat?
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The list published by KOA details the names and addresses of licensed gyms, the number of which fell this year compared to 2018 when KOA granted 126 licenses for gyms.
It is also expected to flesh out plans for so-called "small box" gyms, which use less space than traditional sites.
In all, 25 types of bacteria were found in the four gyms tested.
The arduous task of starting a gym from scratch is spared in the off-the-shelf investment proposition on offer.
What's more, the company PayAsUGym serves as a "gym broker" - which sells pay-as-you-go passes for more than 2,700 gyms across the UK, Martin explained.
Punjab Housing Minister Mian Mehmoodur Rasheed, Parks and Horticulture Authority Chairman Engineer Yasir Gillani, PHA vice chairman Hafiz Zeeshan, Additional DG Nadia Farooqi held negotiations with gym representatives and decided to reopen the gymnasiums in parks.
Founded by Abdus Samad in 2017, it actually started off as a directory for gyms in the usual marketplace style where users could find a gym of their choice but pivoted towards the current model early this year.
Apart from the mega schemes, then CDA chairman Kamran Lashari approved of constructing libraries along with the gyms to be benefitted by the public at large.
Gym Group is a nationwide operator of 98 low cost gyms branded "The Gym."
Taiwan's 7-Eleven announced it will launch a gym at one of its convenience stores in Taipei, following its endeavor to diversify services at different locations, which have included a beauty service "K.Seren" in Banqiao of New Taipei last month, and a completely automated "X-Store" in Taipei City early this year.
Exposure to Leases: Unlike some leisure businesses, gyms require physical space and the group is exposed to lease costs, which remain the largest cost within the business.
Rapidly expanding fitness chain, JD Gyms, has the go-ahead to open at the former Visage and Ethos premises at Folly Hall - creating 15 jobs in the process.
CompleteBody Chelsea,  Limelight Fitness and Mercedes Club are among the growing list of gyms that are included in the POPiN network. 
A dozen more gyms are in the pipeline for 2017, said Levine.